The Author


I was inspired to begin writing children's books during a relapse of my husband's cancer, a battle which we have been fighting for over ten years.  My own two children began to ask questions and I realized how little they understood about a difficult topic like cancer.  Since then, I have made it my objective to write children's books on a wide variety of challenging topics to educate children and help them cope. Also, to help improve communication between parents and their children.

As a child, I endured the death of my brother; verbal, physical, and psychological abuse; my parent's divorce; and my father's mental illness.  I write about this subject matter because I lived it.  However, my faith has gotten me through it all.  None of these things define who I am or what I can do.  I want to help other children in similar situations by giving them resources and knowledge that I didn't have. Join me in an effort to ignite their faith and inspire them to rise above their circumstances.

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