"This is all true.  This is life.  It is messy and hard, but oh so rewarding.”

-Kaci Wilson,  Mother of Child with Fragile X Syndrome


"...confident about who God made him to be."

"The world would be a different place if people could learn the "secret" Eli learned from his friend, Faith.  This story's emphasis on how God is our Creator and how God made each of us unique, does a wonderful job of helping children grow in their confidence in who God has made them to be."

-Dennis L. Heiden, Lead Pastor

Hosanna Lutheran Church, Mankato, MN


“I highly recommend this book(The Truth About Cancer) for any child who has ever heard the word cancer.  An informative and uplifting story that will open the doors of conversation.”

Luis F. Porrata, M.D.

Mayo Clinic – Division of Hematology


"Princess Faith knows that the Bible is a gift, and that it can help her navigate daily challenges.  With this new series, Kelly Strenge encourages children to see how the scriptures equip them to share God's love with others."

Rev. Andrea J. Myers, ELCA Pastor


"With 'The Truth about Cancer' Kelly Strenge manages to address the fear, the uncertainty, and many of the myths about cancer in a way that should be both comforting and informative for kids. The book doesn't sidestep the issues, but addresses them in a reassuring manner."

Brian Lucas - Served as Chair of the Board of the Minnesota Chapter of the Leukemia Lymphoma Society and author of "Here Comes the Sun: A Young Family's Journey through Cancer"


“It’s said that "if you've met one child with autism, you've met ONE child with autism." Although there are general traits consistent with those on the spectrum that are used for diagnosis, it is given the term "spectrum" because of the very wide range of symptoms and severity from person to person.  Kelly does a wonderful job of capturing both the diagnostic constants and the special nuances that make each person on the spectrum unique in his or her own way.  Her book offers a kind and simplistic education about autism spectrum disorder from a child's perspective. She reminds the reader that above all, kindness and acceptance are what's most important.”

-Lisa Van Watermulen, Family Nurse Practitioner


“Beautifully written children’s book! This is a lovely story that outlines the facts about cancer. It offers hope and understanding to a child faced with cancer or who knows someone diagnosed with cancer.”

Crystal Curtis, MSW, LICSW

Clinical Social Worker, Mankato Clinic


"As a mother of 5 and daycare provider, one of the most important things to me is finding opportunities to point my kids towards the Word of God. "Princess Faith" does just that! This book touches the heart and emotions of a young person struggling with the conflicts of wanting to follow the crowd, yet knowing in her heart that isn't right. What a beautiful example this book shows of looking to God's truth in a time of inner conflict. And what a powerful impact following God's guidance can have on the lives of people around you!" 

Crystal McCue, Mother of Five & Christian Daycare Provider


“Kelly Strenge’s writing is inspiring, tender, and educational.  Her story takes a difficult situation of cancer and provides children with hope and understanding.”

Don Putzier, MD, FAAP

Pediatrician, Mankato Clinic


"As a teacher and mom of three, I value books that encourage children to have a strong faith beginning at a young age.  Princess Faith has a way of taking the ordinary day to day activities of children and turning them into faith building moments."

-Melissa Dudgeon, Teacher


"Kelly Strenge's, The Truth About Cancer, is a wonderfully written children's book that offers powerful insight for children and adults who are battling cancer.  Kelly's honest, candid book is both inspiring and educational." 

Dan Beert, Elementary School Principal


"The Truth About Divorce is a great resource for kids who are going through a life changing time.  It offers children honesty about the difficult things, but also encouragement and hope that things won't be difficult forever.  This book takes a sensitive, raw subject and gives it a lot of heart.  Parents who are struggling to explain things will appreciate the succinct writing and peaceful tone of the book."

Chelsea Copeland, Elementary School Teacher


“By inviting children to name their feelings and fears about difficult life situations, Kelly Strenge's books open the door for supportive conversation in families. In The Truth About Divorce, she offers children meaningful reassurance that even when divorce changes the way their family looks, they will always be loved and cared for.”

Rev. Andrea J. Myers, ELCA Pastor