The Walk

Last summer I just had one of those days.  You know the ones where your kids don’t listen to anything you say and you end up playing referee all day long so they don’t kill each other.  Well, Brett got home from work and I set supper on the table and told him I needed a break.

He suggested a walk and I said no at first because it was so hot out but then reconsidered because I realized what a grump I was and I wanted to enjoy the evening.  So I set out for my walk with my ipod in tow, still steaming about how the kids I love so much can drive me so completely insane.

The heat and the exercise started to wear me down so I turned for home.  I walked past a friend’s house and her and her husband were sitting out in their driveway having a beer.  They offered me a drink and I took a nice cold bottle of water.  They went on to ask how we were all doing after hearing that Brett’s cancer was back again.

I told them the truth, that the first chemo was really hard on all of us and I had forgotten how hard  this was.  They both offered their support and hugs and then the wife gave me a little booklet full of healing scriptures.  Running into them changed my mood dramatically.

So I continued for home walking a little lighter and just when I start walking into my yard a woman walking her two dogs stops me on the street.  Turns out it was one of my new neighbors that I hadn’t met yet but she had heard all about us and the book I had written.  While I pet her beautiful black lab she went on to tell me what a great idea the book was, that she would like to purchase one, and that she has been praying for my family.  A complete stranger was praying for us.

Before we finished talking, another neighbor  arrived home and came over to where we were standing.  She said that she too was praying for us and just wanted to give me a hug.  I then entered my house and checked my phone.  I had a message from yet another new friend who said she was praying for us, thinking of me, and shared some of her favorite bible verses with me.

For any skeptics who don’t believe God is alive and working within us, here is your proof.  I started the day mad at the world and screaming at my kids.  I ended the day feeling so blessed and honored that God brought these people into my life and that I have so many people who genuinely care.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  Thanks be to God.